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- The NETFLIX show "Griselda“ will be released in January 2024, starring Sophia Vergara, Director Andres Baiz. Movie “Survive” released in July 2023, UK, USA, Brazil, Mexico and Australia, starring Sophie Turner and Correy Hawkins, director Mark Pellington.

- TV-show “Herrhausen” released in June 2023  at FILMFEST MUNICH and later this year on national public TV in Germany, starring Oliver Masucci, Dir. Pia Strietmann. 

- Currently working on limited series “INCA-TRAIL” (working title) Dir. Nina Wolfrum, commissioned by ARD / BR / Degeto, produced by Constantin, RatPack, WestSide

- "Country Queen" limited series, set in contemporary Nairobi, Kenya, produced by Good Karma Fiction, DW Deutsche Welle Akademie. NETFLIX, Arte. Directed by Vincent Mbaya, staring Mumbi Maina (Matrix), Sheila Munyiva, (Rafiki) Nini Vacera (Sense 8).


- "All That I Am“ period  feature, Hopscotch prod. comp. Australia, UK, Germany, set in England and Germany in the wake of WW-II.

Key-visuals and additional information of recent shows and movies.

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Graduated from Royal College of Art, London. 

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Have a glimpse at some of the bigger construction sites arround the world. „March of Millions“ has been filmed on the frozen Baltic-Sea at -30° C in Lithuania.   Principal fotography for BBC classic „Laconia“ took place entirely in Cape Town, SA and the mini-series „Tannbach“ is beeing shot in Prague, CZ.

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