Jäger und Gejagte  (working title) limited series set in 1990s Berlin after reunification. Directed by Dustin Loose, produced by Wiedemann & Berg („the Life of Others“, „Dark“) commissioned by ARD, MDR, Arte. On location Berlin, Leipzig, Prag.


In Development:


All That I Am period  feature, coproduction Australia, UK, Germany, set in England and Germany in the wake of WW-II.

Country Queen limited series set in contemporary Nairobi, Kenya, Good Karma Fiction prod. comp. and DW, Deutsche Welle Akademie. 

Key-visuals and additional information of recent shows and movies.

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Graduated from Royal College of Art, London. 

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Have a glimpse at some of the bigger construction sites arround the world. „March of Millions“ has been filmed on the frozen Baltic-Sea at -30° C in Lithuania.   Principal fotography for BBC classic „Laconia“ took place entirely in Cape Town, SA and the mini-series „Tannbach“ is beeing shot in Prague, CZ.

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